Using large printer in Department of Physics
Since March 2012, Department of Physics introduces a large printer. Those who are affiliated with Department of Physics can take advantage of using it for research purpose. Please read the following terms before using.
About the large printer
Printer model:EPSON PX-F10000
Location:Condensed Matter Theory Computer Room (Joint Building B 835)
Paper types:Glossy paper A0、Plain paper A0、Cloth paper A0
File format:pdf (recommended)、ppt(x)(PowerPoint2007).
Administrator: Murashima Takahiro (Room 938)(representative), Takuya Ito (Room 947), Chihiro Iino (Room 823), Shun Imamura (Room 938)
How to use
Before printing
  1. Please make a reservation in advance. Reservation can be addressed at the latest 2 day prior to the printing day by filling this form.
  2. The failure to come 5 minutes after the appointed reservation time means cancelation of printing reservation. The client should reschedule the reservation once again to the contact person described above. Time reference is using from this link
  3. From Oct, 4 2013, the use of cloth paper is strictly allowed only for the international conference. The use of cloth paper in the domestic conference will get additional charge. If you intend to use cloth paper, please make sure to submit this form and send it to: e-mail:yamamoto(at mark)
  1. Bring a USB memory card containing your data (PDF or PPT).
  2. Please contact the administrator written above to print for you. You should not do it by yourself. If no body available you can ask secretary (Room 837) for assistance.
  3. The printer is covered with a blue cloth for dust prevention. Please do not put the blue cloth on the floor.
  4. Refer to this page for printing guide
  5. The printer is connected to DELL computer (windows). Please copy the file that you want to print from USB to the Desktop and dont forget to delete it once it is done.
  6. Do not forget to write your name, purpose, date and time, laboratory, type of paper, size of paper, and remaining amount of ink in the user list.
  7. After printing, please confirm that the administrator turn off the printer and cover it with blue cloth and clip at both edge so that it is not blown away by wind.
  8. After printing, please log off the PC (without shutting down), return the tray to the original position, and ask the sign of administrator
Printing cost
Printing cost for plain paper A0=100 JPY, glossy paper A0= 200 JPY, cloth paper A0= 1500 JPY
The ink bill is separated from to the above fees.
Terms of use
  1. This printer is available only for Department of Physics faculty members, researchers, and students.
  2. This printer is limited only for printing poster for domestic and international conferences, for bulletin board and information of academic activities in the Department of Physics.
  3. The operational time is 09.00 am-05.00 pm.
  4. In some case, the printing fee may be subjected to each laboratory in the user list.
  5. Replacement of ink and paper feed must be done only by administrator
  6. Full-color poster is generally not possible unless with a special reason.
  7. If you leave the computer room while printing, please write a notification in a sheet of paper your printer job and attach it at DELL computer monitor or at printer.
  8. If you find an error while printing please tell administrator immediately, and interrupt the process immediately to save the ink.
Administrator's check lists
Administrator and user have to check the following lists.
  1. Writing the user list
  2. Error in printer
  3. Printer is shutdown
  4. Blue cloth has covered the printer
  5. Take USB memory from PC
  6. Delete the file
  7. Return the tray to original position
  8. Put the paper and paper box in standard position
  9. Blue cloth should be fixed by clips
  10. Throw away the error paper
If you check all the list above, then it finishes.